annual GENERAL


28th March 2021

All members of the Society are entitled to attend and vote at all Annual General Meetings (AGM). Since we are still in a semi-lockdown situation our nominations and voting will be held virtually.

The nomination list for elections to the committee shall be opened at least two weeks prior to the AGM and nominations will close 3 hours before the commencement of the AGM.

The AGM shall also consider and discuss the outgoing committee's accounts from the previous year. It is the responsibility of the outgoing Treasurer to present a complete account of the current state of finances. The Treasurer will also present an accurate breakdown of all financial commitments for which the Society has been engaged in the current year. 

The Secretary shall report on the administrative affairs of the Society.

CSU Constitution

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Executive Officer

  1. The President shall run the Society, to oversee all committee members and Society activities.

  2. The President will chair the committee meetings and Annual General Meetings.

  3. The President is responsible to Society for their actions (or lack of action as appropriate).

  4. The President must take reasonable steps to supervise the other Executive Officers and committee members.

  5. Should the President resign, the committee will elect a new President.

csu secretary

Executive Officer

  1. The Secretary shall oversee the administrative affairs of the Society.

  2. The Secretary shall prepare the agendas and the minutes of every meeting of the committee and at the Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings.

  3. The Secretary shall endeavour to ensure that said documents are made available to the members of the committee within at least 2 days (before and after respectively) of the meeting.

  4. The Secretary should ordinarily or generally be responsible for correspondence. But the President might take responsibility for what he/she corresponds on behalf of the Society.

  5. The Secretary is responsible to the President for the administration of the Society.

  6. The Secretary shall be responsible for the constitutional affairs of the Society, which is reviewed once a year to align with current society practice/Edinburgh University Students’ Association Laws, by-laws and guidelines and or new desired positions.

  7. The Secretary will ensure that all documents are kept up to date, archived efficiently and readily available when requested.

  8. The Secretary shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safe keeping, maintenance and replacement (as appropriate) of any Society property.   

  9. Should the Secretary resign, the committee will elect a new Secretary.

csu treasurer

Executive Officer

  1. The Treasurer must draw up a provisional budget, as exhaustive as possible, to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

  2. The Treasurer shall keep, as appropriate, both written and digitally recorded files and prepare monthly accounts of the Society.

  3. The Treasurer is responsible to the President for the finances of the Society. 

  4. The Treasurer will ensure that all bookkeeping records are kept up to date and readily available when requested by a member and will present a brief summary at all committee meetings.

  5. At the end of each semester, the Treasurer will submit a breakdown of the semester’s accounts for an audit review by the committee.

  6. The Treasurer must endeavour to ensure that the ordinary expenditure of any given year is not more than the ordinary income of that year.

  7. Should the Treasurer resign, the committee will elect a new Treasurer.

csu publicity

NON-Executive Officer

  1. The Publicity Officer duties include the following: overseeing the provision of digital and traditional media to promote events, to ensure the society complies with Edinburgh University Students’ Association guidelines on all promotion of events; organising other social media, and for the composition and emailing of the weekly e-newsletter for the Society. When deemed necessary by the Executive Officers, the Publicity Officer shall have access to any Society electronic devices in order to fulfil these duties and shall be responsible for it when it is in their possession.

  2. The Publicity Officer will be subject to election annually.

csu committee memberS

  1. Minimum of five Ordinary Committee Members, though any of these positions may be left vacant should the committee deem them unnecessary for a particular year.

  2. The Ordinary Committee Members duties include the following: overseeing that the Executive Officers are supported at any Society events, are active members who help in the decision making process at committee meetings and is responsible to the Executive Officers and members for the general running and support of the Society.

NON-Executive OfficerS


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John 13:34-35

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